*collaborative prototyping platform for creatives & entrepreneurs

* We are a collaborative platform focused on creativity and new technologies
* We help you elevate your ideas
* We speak python, HTML, JS, Processing, node, english, french, dutch, robot and machine
* We crave for challenges
* We craft and build your prototypes in our workshop
* We do consultancy
* We create interactive experiences
* We give workshops
* We invent personal branding incentives for your company


We are a collaborative platform based in brussels, Belgium. We focus on entrepreneurs, artists and designers helping them to shape their creative projects. We are a team of architects, experienced craftmen, artists, security advisors, designers and developpers at your service to help you raise every aspect of your project from a simple intention to a final product or experience. All the projects are developped in our incubator studio together with the team. We create hardwares, softwares and craft custom devices.



electronics & hardware prototyping

programming & software development

3D printing & modeling


woodworking & mockups

technical drawing & 3D rendering

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Platform directors:

+32 (0)495 25 19 18

+32 (0)499 26 48 86

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